About Carl

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Hi, I am Carl Wikstrom

My training as an engineer (PhD from MIT) and my private-sector experience as an engineering executive will help me protect the taxpayers’ money and ensure that it is used efficiently. I volunteer on Exeter’s Water/Sewer Advisory Committee, as well as the River Advisory Committee.

My wife and I love our community! We’re dedicated supporters of the arts in town, and we love supporting our local restaurants.

No Income Tax, No Sales Tax

Learn About My Priorities

I plan to fight against attempts to implement income or sales taxes in New Hampshire. I think we can also reduce property taxes by eliminating much of the bureaucracy at the state level. 

  • State Taxes

  • Second Amendment

  • School Choice

  • End Qualified Immunity



(603) 822-5078


7 Charron Circle
Exeter, NH 03833-1806